Women in Leadership

Aimee Semple McPherson leading her congregation in Los Angeles at Angelus Temple.

In 1 Timothy, a letter of advice to a first‐time pastor (Timothy) from an experienced church leader (Paul), we encounter a passage that has often been misunderstood to suggest that women cannot have roles of leadership or instruction in churches. These verses, and ones similar to them, get misapplied and create hurtful confusion—seeming to relegate women to a smaller place of ministry or significance than men. Remembering that the whole Bible is the best backdrop with which to view specific passages, let’s ask the simple questions: Can women be leaders or teachers in church?

An Answer to Those who Mistakenly Believe that Women should not be Spiritual Leaders
By Daniel A. Brown PhD
This course contains audio messages and an accompanying workbook to guide you through scriptures with Biblical examples to solve the question and provide the student with a defensible position on the question of women in Christian leadership. This course is designed as a self-study and can be taken at your pace as is convenient for you. In order to access the content you must first register on our Nordic Learning Community platform by clicking the button below.

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