Foursquare Europe Youth Camp 2018 – MADRID!

Hello to all the youth (and youthful like) people of the Nord-Baltic Foursquare Family! We are inviting you to join all of the youth of Foursquare Europe to Madrid, from March 1st to March 4th, 2018! For anyone coming from the Up North family please contact Andreas Allen with any questions or to arrange any kind of group travel!

After the success of our last youth camp in Denmark (Feb. 2017), we want to continue to build relationships between the youth of Europe. We’re seeing countries coming together and young leaders connecting more and more. We believe this is the time to continue to move towards deeper relationships, connectedness and purpose within the youth of Foursquare Europe.

For this camp, we’ve chosen the theme “Greater” to express our hope that something bigger is on the way. We want to inspire our generation to a greater commitment to God and His mission. We want to help the young generation to dream big and to hope for a powerful move of God in Europe. So come and join us!

Check out the event on Facebook and let people know your’re going! – Foursquare Europe – GREATER camp!


The facility will be located near Toledo, 1 hour from Madrid. There is plenty of room to welcome people from all over Europe, at a very affordable price. Our hope is to see as many countries as possible represented at this camp. We want to get to know each other, pray for each other and encourage each other in the mission that God has given us.

If you have any questions about logistics or who can come, please contact Luc directly at

Warm regards,

Luc Gischler on behalf of the work group: Steve Cecil (Russia), Rebeca Batista (Portugal), Efrain Barboza (Spain), Paul Diaz (Spain), Luc Gischler (France)

Practical Information:

Cost: €95 euros per person, this includes meals and the shuttle from the airport to the camp (on Thursday March 1 st ) and from the camp to the airport (on Sunday March 4 th ). For leaders, more comfortable rooms are available for an extra fee of €10.

The airport shuttle:
we’re organizing a shuttle from the airport to the camp facility (1hr. drive). Our buses will depart from the airport on March 1 st from 3pm to 5pm. On March 4 th , the shuttles will leave the camp beginning at noon. We encourage you to book your
flights accordingly.

Location address: Calle Tejar n°13 – 45217 Ugena (Toledo)

Age: 16 to 29. To register young people outside this range, please contact us first for confirmation.

Registration: to register, send us an email at with your name, country, age, time of arrival and departure, and form of payment.

The registration fee can be paid upon arrival in Madrid. If you would like to wire transfer the money before the camp, please let us know in the email and we will give you the bank details.