COVID-19 Summer Camp Update!

Summer Camp Is Not Canceled!

Hello friends and faithful family in our Up North community! On behalf of our eldership council we are happy to announce that our 2020 Summer Camp "Applying Growth" is NOT CANCELED! This is made possible the fact that the Estonian team has agreed to have the camp regardless if others are able to come or not.

The camp facilities and our Estonian hosts are being very flexible and this allows us to extend the invitation until the 11th of July for you to let us know if you plan to come (assuming travel restrictions allow you to). We have made it possible for you, your family, or group to RESERVE your tickets and PAY LATER. This provides the camp with the information needed and the flexibility to cancel without the trouble of refunding money.

Regular registration price extended to 15th of June

If you fill out the survey and reserve your ticket(s) before the 15th of June you will be locked into the camp regular camp fee, even if you pay at the last minute. From the 16th of June the "late registration" price will take effect (see registration page for prices).

Please fill out the survey (everyone) and reserve your tickets

We have created a survey to let the camp team know what to expect.

  • This is not a commitment (payments for reservations will be made in the 2nd week of July). If travel restrictions are still a problem for you by the 11th of July, you can cancel your reservation in the Eventbrite system.
  • We need to know who wants to come (assuming travel restrictions change and allow) if they can, and if you know you can not, this helps us as well.
  • If you have already registered please fill out survey to let us know if anything has changed.
  • You can change your reservation and survey answers at any time by logging into Eventbrite with the same email address you used for the survey or registration.

Take the surev now

  1. Click the button to go to the registration system
  2. Select "Tickets"
  3. Then choose the "COVID-19 Survey" by selecting a quantity of "1"
  4. Then use the "Checkout" button to see the survey