You are invited to our 2023 Family Camp!

Origins: Looking back to move ahead!

Monday to Friday, 17-21 of July

To celebrate the 100th year of Foursquare we have adopted the global Foursquare 2023 theme of "Origins, looking back to move ahead" and you are invited for 5 days of fellowship, fun, adventure, and most of all an amazing and wonderful time with our creator.

Camp Information

What is included?

What is not included?

  • Lunch, please bring your own or prepare to pay the on-site restaurant (€7 to €10 per person depending on chosen options)
  • Sauna (€30/hour)

Camp Costs - Register earlier to get the best prices!

Two payment options:

  • Reserve your spot for a €100 per adult or €25 per student. Your remaining balance is due the 15th of June.
  • Or pay in full at the time you register
Camper Type Until 5th May Until 30th May Until 30th June
Adult in cabin(19+) €256.50 €290.70 €342.00
Child (3-5) €18.75 €21.25 €25.00
Child (6-12) €33.75 €38.25 €45.00
Teen (13-18) €48.75 €55.25 €65.00
Student in cabin (enrolled in University) €71.25 €115.00 €115.00
TENT (Adult or Student) €95.00 €95.00 €95.00